Newsvine presentation of comments & replies

Summary – Newsvine has found an excellent way to structure replies to blog posts.

I’m always looking for ways of improving the presentation of information on websites and one thing that has always annoyed me is the way replies or comments are handled by most forums, blogs and news/ article based websites. There is generally no distinction between a reply or comment about the main post and a reply or comment about a reply or comment (you with me still). There is also the problem, especially if their have been lots of replies, that when the author of the material replies to comments the reply is lost further down the page and it is therefore very difficult to follow the discussion trail.

My colleague, at digivate, Kun Dang, runs a blog on the blogging service Newsvine about SEO. He’s just started out, but there is already some good content. Whilst reading his blog I very impressed with the Newsvine site as a whole, but one are a that immediately caught my eye way the way it handles discussions on blog posts.

It is an issue that I been looking into for a student community website I’m putting together. I strongly believe that improvements in this area are the next leap forward for forums especially. For instance on forum posts that roll over onto 2 or more pages, it is very annoying when you want to reply to a particular reply (say on the first page) and your reply gets lost at the very end of the whole post.

Anyway, back to Newsvine…

Example of how replies are displayed on the Newsvine blogging service.

As you can see SEO uk has replied to the comment by Ecommerce Expert within the comment itself rather than in the standard sequential sequence which is the industry standard. SEO uk is also marked as the author of the article which is a nice touch. The feature helps to create discussions within a discussion and is clearly presented to the user through the simple block design that is in use.

I applaud Newsvine for taking the step to improve the way information is presented to the user, hopefully some of the larger blogging services will follow suit.


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